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Digital Signage is an electronic display used to present
dynamic information electronically on flat panel displays.

Digital signs can be found in both public and private environments, including retail stores,
hotels, restaurants, corporate buildings, schools, medical centres and many other locations.

Wherever you need to advertise, educate or inform your audience,
digital signage is a fast, reliable and simple way to get your message across.

A digital signage system has three key components; a display, a player and a content controller.
Pixemate can provide a complete system for your environment or show you how to update
your existing system using latest technologies. We can also assist with installation and content creation,
and discuss additional functionality such as touch-cable screens and audience detection technology.

IITP Conference Displays

Pixemate supplied live digital displays for the recent NZ Institute of IT Professionals' National Conference, held at the Trinity Wharf Hotel complex in Tauranga.

Two display units were installed each comprising two 47" LCD screens mounted in portrait format back-to-back. Each display unit was internet-enabled allowing last-minute conference information to be edited and displayed. Conference delegates were presented with a continual loop of IITP conference branding & information, the current day's schedule, and live Twitter posts in real-time.

IITP Conference Digital Display

Pixemate installs video wall at Creative Tauranga

Creative Tauranga Video wall Pixemate has installed a triple LCD 'video wall' which we believe is a first for Tauranga and currently the largest DOOH (digital out of home) screen in the Bay of Plenty.

The project has been completed in conjunction with Creative Tauranga, who will coordinate advertising bookings for the wall. These can be made for a single LCD panel or for the entire screen, on a weekly or four-weekly basis.

Contact Creative Tauranga for more details. 

Entertainment and More on the Big Screens

Our technology partner Technologywise was fortunate enough to have a quad-screen installation on its test wall in time for the America's Cup racing (left). The same week we were in Auckland at a Samsung NZ Digital Signage conference and we were very much upstaged by AUT's 4x4 VIdeo Wall installation in the Sir Paul Reeves Building (right).

At the same event we were able to see one of the latest multi-screen offerings from Samsung; the Irregular Video Wall (below, left). This allows a fully customised and flexible video wall, which lets you pivot screens to create your own "video art wall" - using a combination of Samsung Large Format Display (LFD) screens, regardless of model, size, resolution or bezel width. Their "high resolution" wall, comprised of four fine-bezel screens, displayed a "4k resolution" video with stunning clarity (below, right).

Samsung Irregular Video WallSamsung 4k High Resolution Wall

New Ray White Commercial Office Goes Digital

Tauranga's latest Ray White office, recently opened on Spring Street has chosen digital signage from Technologywise and Pixemate to promote its latest commercial listings.

Presentations include Ray White branding, feature properties and listings that are served automatically from the office's website.

Digital Signage at Creative Tauranga

Creative Tauranga on the corner of Willow and Wharf Streets in the CBD has replaced a traditional poster advertising space with a digital sign.

Exhibition promotions are now displayed on a bright and vibrant screen with presentations incorporating multiple images of the current show. Using the power of our cloud-based digital signage software, additional upcoming exhibitions can be scheduled for display as required - all via the internet.

School visitors engaged and informed

Creative Tauranga Video wall Our cloud-enabled digital signage products are keeping visitors to St Mary's School informed at reception. Multiple presentations are looping with the primary display being a visual mashup of rotating images, latest news from the school's website via an RSS feed, this week's events live from a Google-powered school calendar, and a graphical weather display. School administrators update their website news and Google events calendar, and the information feeds automatically to their digital signage.